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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

1. Starting with keywords and industry directories, we use social monitoring tools to discover conversations, online venues and bios closely related to your market niche.

2. We segment raw data from these social media monitoring tools into specific categories related to your initiatives and needs. We then analyze the data and create insights related to your market niche. This work yields Excel spreadsheets of ideal consumers/customers AND an Insights-Strategies Report in PDF format.

3. We deliver the Excel sheet of prospects and the Insights-Strategies Report within about 3-5 weeks of initiating.

What do I do with the Excel sheet, Insights report and Strategies?

The key influencers, major discussions and largest groups/networks identified indicate fabulous starting points for getting the word out/participating in the conversation about your offering. The strategies tell you how to do it, including nitty-gritty tactics tailor-made to your niche. And, if you want us to carry out the tactical side, feel free to contact us to get going today!


WHO: Gathering social intelligence is best performed by someone trained in research. Although a great amount of data may be aggregated automatically during a social intelligence project, it takes a human being to segment and make sense of this data and create insights related to the data. Read more about our Director of Research, Nathaniel Hansen, at our parent company website.

HOW: There are many tools used to gather social data. Some of the best are expensive and require additional training to master. One of the best ways for a novice to begin is to use lists in Twitter alongside a Premium LinkedIn account. Discover who influences a specific thought leader/company/market niche by studying the Twitter lists these Twitter acccounts have created OR niche specific Twitter lists. Then begin finding these same people in LinkedIn. Go to the company sites of these people and call or email them to learn more about their businesses and networks. To gather groups of consumers, find Groups and Events in Facebook and use to scrape out the Facebook handles, names and locations of the members. Then use tools like PIPL to enrich these Facebook handles with emails, phone numbers, locations and other social links associated with these Facebook handles.

WHICH TOOLS: More advanced social intelligence tools include BrandWatch, Audiense, Recorded Future, PeoplePattern and PIPL. For a more detailed outline of our process see this article at our parent company, The Socializers.